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How to make perfectly SEO Optimized Landing pages for campaigns?

Optimize Your Landing Pages For Successful Conversion
SEO Tips for campaign Landing pages

1. If landing page is on same domain we can make it content rich and SEO friendly to list it on SERP.

2. Your call-to-action (CTA) is the primary conversion goal of a visitor to your landing page. landing pages can have videos, engaging pictures and large texts . It should engage the visitor and prompt him to take a actions like :

(a) Read about Services (b)reading testimonials (c) watching a promotional video (d) Contact service provider for next action via phone, email etc (e) Make a purchase (f) Do a subscription of Newsletters / Brochures etc

Screenshot of a Sample Optimised page is given at

3. Page should be optimised for 3 to 5 keywords with a main keyword recurring throughout the page. Keyword density for that keyword alone should be around 2%. The target keyword phrase should be a two- to- four-word phrase (maybe even more words) that conveys the article’s core topic or message.

4. Proper use of heading tags like h1, h2, h3 most important key word should be in H1 and rest can come in H2 and H3

5. The landing page has to have enough content to draw the readers/customers. Some set a limit of 500 words, others longer.

6. Make sure your landing page is directly relevant to your ad text and keyword.
if you are putting an ad in Google Adwords for "SEO Specialists in Bangalore" then the landing page should be optimised primarily for the key word "SEO Specialists in Bangalore". You can give other topics or sub keywords as expandable paragraphs when user click on the respective links.

7. Considering the point # 6 : for campaigns with multiple keywords , it is better to show landing pages which is specifically optimised for that campaign keyword. As i mentioned above other keyword relevant topics can be listed as expandable divs with clickable links.

9.Make sure No content duplication happens when using multiple landing pages.

10. Make sure the landing page loads fast in mobile and desktop in less than 2 seconds. This can be accomplished my reducing your page size by installing a compression software Like GZIP Compression tool in your server.

11. There should be no confusion for user in doing the next action once he reach the landing page.

12. Having as many landing pages as possible can be helpful as long as SEO rules imposed by search engines are followed

13. Follow the Google landing page guidlines given at


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