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Even after connecting the stove to new LPG cooking gas cylinder, large burner has medium flames and small one not working. How to fix?

Gas stove is not properly working after connecting to new cooking gas cylinder. Large burner has low flames and small one not working. How to fix?

A couple of months back, we faced an issue after connecting new LPG cooking gas cylinder with stove. After attaching the regulator to cylinder and keeping the regulator knob on ON mode we tried to ignite the burner. The large burner caught Flames but has medium flame even though it is high mode, but the small burner was not at all working. So we cleaned all tubes and pipes in the stove , but still there was no progress. As a last attempt , we disconnected the regulator and shook the gas cylinder several times and then connected it back and ignited the burner. This time both burners worked normally.

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