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How to determine how much water you should drink per day - Daily Water Intake Calculator

An adult man's body is made up of 60% of water and that of an adult woman's body contains 55%. Drinking of water helps to maintain proper level of body fluids in the body which in turn results in proper metabolic functions.

It is known that an adult person should drink at-least 8 glasses of water per day. Is that correct? The amount of water a person should drink per day depends on his or her body weight, age and physical conditions of the body. Considering this fact, Mayo Clinic, one of the world's renowned medical institutions has derived a formulae for the calculation of amount of water a person should consume based of his / her body weight and age.

br2nl() - PHP custom function to convert BR tags in a string to Newline Character

Line Break to new Line character conversion in PHP

When we fetch string data which contains BR tags from database to display in a textarea, the BR tags may display as such with out adding a new line. To handle this we have to convert the BR tags in the string to Newline character. Here is a custom php function to do this function. This function works just opposite to nl2br() builtin function in PHP which converts all New line character to BR tag.

How to get appointment online in ESI hospitals - ESIC online appointment system


On July 2015 Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) of india has launched a web portal to manage operations of major ESI hospitals in India. Portal has provide option for insured person to book for an appointment with the doctor.

How to get domain transfer authorization code or EPP Key of a domain registered with Unlimitedgb?

Steps for getting domain transfer authorization code from Unlimitedgb

For transferring a domain name registered with Unlimitedgb to other registrar, you need an authorization key. You can get it from Unlimitedgb.

For getting EPP Code domain name with Unlimitedgb, follow the steps given below:

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