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How to add "Link to this page" option under blogger posts?

Steps in adding Link to this page to your blogger posts
Links to your page can improve your page rank. So it is a good option to add HTML code for linking to your web page. So that reader can copy and paste it on their web page. if another website links to your web page, this is considered an external link to your website. External links to your website are the most important source of ranking power and in SEO terminology it is considered as third party ranking vote for your page.

Unable to connect to Moto E Mobile internet from PC through USB tethering - Fix

Problem in accessing Moto E Mobile internet in Desktop PC through USB tethering

Normal procedure in connecting to Mobile internet from a desktop Personal computer is by connecting the USB cable from mobile phones usb socket to PC's USB port and enabling the USB tethering feature of your phone. Once the USB is detected by the PC, it automatically installs the driver and get connect to mobile internet.

Some times even after connecting the mobile to PC using USB and enabling the USB tethering, you may not be able to access the internet of PC. It is due to failure in installation of USB drivers and softwares which facilitates the connection.

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