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What is SIM-SWAP - How to protect yourself from losing money through SIM-SWAP fraud

Beware of losing your valuable money by falling prey to SIM-Swap

What is SIM-SWAP?
When you start an account in a bank, you will be linking your mobile number to your account. You can use this mobile number for mobile transactions as wells as receiving transaction alerts. Terror happens when a fraudster duplicates your SIM card. The duplicated SIM card will be sharing the mobile number which you had linked to your account. User can simply you the duplicate SIM to get access to your bank related data and other account details through Mobile Banking transactions.

Precautions against SIM-SWAP

Save Yourself from a possible SIM-Swap!

ICICI prudential Customer portal updated - Option to change password is missing - Know how to change your ICICI prudential password

Recently I received an SMS from ICICI prudential asking for login to their website's customer portal using the phone number as user Id and an autogenerated one time password given in the message as password. The SMS messsage was like this.

Dear ***Cust Name*** login to your policy(ies) on with your user id as **mobile number*** and One time use password as ***password***

How to transfer domains from UnlimitedGb to GoDaddy

Steps for transfering domains which is registered at UnlimitedGB to GoDaddy

The domain transfer process should be initiated only when the domain is active. It is not possible to transfer an expired domain name, never try to initiate the transfer to godaddy or any other registrars when your domain is in expired mode.
if you do the same the domain wont get transfer and also it cannot renewed by the current registrar. So if you domain is expired domain, it should be renewed first and then process with domain transfer procedure.

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