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How to link your ICICI credit card to Your ICICI Internet Banking User ID - know your credit card statement online

Link your ICICI credit card number with your ICICI Internet Banking User Id
To know your ICICI credit card balance, currently two options are available.
1. Customer care
2. Link Your ICICI credit card number with your ICICI Internet Banking User ID.

Amazing opportunity to earn cash from online surveys and opinion polls through IndiaSpeaks

IndiaSpeaks - Opportunity to earn cash through online surveys and opinion polls!

Earn cash for your honest opinions on various interesting subjects, favourite brands, general issues etc. All you have to do is join the survey portal.

Is the documents uploaded to DigiLocker fully secure - Some concerns about Digilocker security

India's National Digital Locker System - DigiLocker

In 2015 Govt of India had launched an Aadhaar based, centralized secured National Digital Locker System. With this a user can store the digitally formatted documents and agencies can verify this in a fast and easy manner. Those having an Adhar card can login to and upload their scanned copies of all important documents like education certificates, bills, marklists, Id Proofs etc.

 You can upload pdf, JPG, JPEG, png, gif types of files. So when ever you will need those documents for verification by Government / recruitment agencies while applying for servcie or job, you can directly give your DigiLocker number.

Mother Theresa - Saint Teresa of Calcutta - Glimpses of her life and works

On Sunday, September 4th of 2015 Mother Teresa of Calcutta was declared as a saint by Pope Francis at St Peter's Square in Vatican City. A basic abstract of her life is given below:

Mother Teresa MC ( 26 August 1910 – 5 September 1997 )

Commonly known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta , Saint Teresa of Kolkata

Mother Theresas' real name Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu ( Albanian name ). Anjezë is albanian version of Agnes and Gonxhe means rosebud or little flower.

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