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Plesk Issue - Updating a file through file manager is not reflected on website

A strange issue happened while using UnlimtedGB hosting service.

When i tried to edit a web page through plesk file manager, it allowed to save the changes.But when i cleared cache and refreshed the web page which i edited, the new contents were not there, ie the changes were not reflected in the website.

So I came back to plesk file manager and checked the file which i previously edited, then i could see the change was in the file, but not on website.

How to fix “Apache Web Server ETag Header Information Disclosure Weakness” ?

Apache File ETag header Bug FixWhat is "Apache Web Server ETag Header Information Disclosure Weakness" and how to fix it?

The Apache HTTP Web Server is one of the popular, open-source HTTP server for multiple platforms, including Windows, Unix, and Linux. Recently a weakness has been discovered in Apache web servers that are configured to use the Entity tag (Etag or FileETag ) directive. Vulnerability has been found in the generation of ETag headers under certain configurations. FileETag headers are used by the cache management feature for Apache for proper caching and page version checking. Entity tags (ETags) are a mechanism to check for a newer version of a cached file.

Flipkart affiliate login problem - Always needs to reset password for login

Flipkart affiliate login problem and Its Solution

Flipkart affiliate login problem - When ever trying to login to Flipkart affiliate, it says email or password do not match. Always needs to reset the password for login.

Recently Flipkart has redesigned their affiliate portal to a more professional looking one. This design upgrade was happened on September 2015. Most of the Flipkart affiliates might have gone through similar problem mentioned above.

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