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How to prevent Cross Site Scripting ( XSS ) attack using .htaccess file and PHP

XSS attack prevention using .htaccess file and PHP.
Cross Site Scripting of XSS attack is a type of Cyber attack in which hacker is able to include malicious JS or iframe codes into the webpages by expoiting the vulberabilities in the web page url. If successful, the hacker can manipulate or steal cookies, create requests which appear to come from a valid user, compromise confidential information, or execute malicious code on end user systems. Hacker can include JS or iframe codes as parameters of Query string variable. if the REQUEST variables are not validated and if it is printed on the page as such, then the page content will contain the malicious script embeded in that. The effect of XSS attack may range from a petty nuisance to a significant security risk, depending on the sensitivity of the data handled by the affected site.

Athirapally waterfalls - Terrific destination for Weekend hangout - Route and Pictures

Athirapally Waterfalls, Kerala Picture GalleryAthirapally waterfalls is one of the largest waterfalls in Kerala state of India. It is falling from a height of 24-metres ( 80 feet ) and is in Chalakudy Taluk, Thrissur district and is located 1000 feet above sea level on the west-flowing Chalakudy River which is border of Thrissur and Ernakulam Districts of Kerala.  Athirappilly Falls is one of the best places to visit in Kerala and is very popular destination among tourists.

Thumboormozhi Check Dam and Ezhattumukham eco-village, amazing weekend destination -Location , Route and Photos

Thumboormozhi Check Dam and Ezhattumukham eco-village Picture galleryThumboormozhi Check Dam is an irrigation dam built across the Chalakudy river to facilitate irrigation of nearby area. The dam splits a portion of the water from the river into two canals called ‘Edathukara canal’ (left side canal) and Valathukara canal (right side canal).This hot spot is at the downstream of the well knownAthirapally waterfalls.

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