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How a government employee starts accepting bribe - who is responsible?

The formation of bribing Officer
Couple of days back, I met a man who is working for a Government establishment. Young energetic talkative person he was :)... It was interesting to listen what he was saying. We just had some chit chat and topic of discussion spanned  across multiple subjects under the sun. He shared some of his views regarding how corruption  drowns the development of society and who is responsible for it. Thought of sharing that with you :)

PHP function to Remove Non AlphaNumeric Characters from a given string with exclusion list

PHP provides various pattern matching regular expression functions as well as string functions to perform this task.

PHP built-in functions for this are str_replace, str_ireplace, preg_replace, substr_replace ,preg_match

It is recommended to use PHP string replace functions over regex functions to do simple string replace functions.There is nothing wrong with using a regex , regular expressions have to be compiled and strings to be parsed, but some people wrongly them by doing silly things like :
preg_match('/txt/', $str) instead of strpos('txt', $str) !== false      OR
preg_replace("/txt/", "", $str) instead of str_replace('txt', $str)

How to find low cost unbranded generic equivalents of high priced branded medicines and save your money

Common man is fed up with the raise in costs of medicines. Now a visit to hospital for fever of cough cost atleast 500 bugs. Most of the doctos prescribe branded medicines which usually costs high. You might have noticed that, when we go to a medical shop and asks for a particular medicine, if that medicine is not in the shop, then the person may look at the chemical composition of the drug and then suggest alternative medicines that have the same salts as the one mentioned in your prescription...and this may be an unbranded one, may be of high or low cost, but does the same effect.

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