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Technology to preserve tomatoes in dried powdered form developed by Reddipalli Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Andrapradesh

Tomatoes can be dried and powdered

Tomatoes has become one of the main ingredients in our daily food. Tons of tomatoes are pumped daily into the marketand this has resulted in less benefits for farmers. The situation could change, if tomatoes are converted to other products. Preserving tomatoes in dried powdered form is one such method.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) in Reddipalli, Andrapradesh has developed a technology for preserve tomato as dried tomatoes or tomato powder.

Watch Ross sisters performing unbelievable acrobatic contortion dancing

Ross sisters were popular band of three sisters who were singers as well as acrobatic dancers. Eldest among Ross sisters was Betsy Ann Ross (1926–1996), second one was Veda Victoria Ross (1927–2002), and the youngest one was Dixie Jewell Ross (1929–1963).

They were popularly known by their stage names Aggie, Maggie, and Elmira respectively. They were active during the period of 1942 – 1948. They had amazing body flexibility and was often considered best among the contortionists during that time.

Dimensions of Noah's Ark - Length, height and width of ship that was built by Noah - How long did the flood last

Measurements of Ark built by Biblical Noah
According to Genesis 6:15 of Holy Bible, God describes to Noah what should be length, breadth and height of the gaint ship ( Ark ) that he has to built inorder to accomodate and safeguard the pairs of all living creatures on earth from flood.

Genesis 6:15 New International Version (NIV) says :
..This is how you are to build it: The ark is to be three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits high..

MySQL query to list Items and its categories.There are tables for Items, Categories and Item_category relation. One item may fall in different categories. In the result there should be no repeation of records and Categories should be comma separated.

There is an ITEM table , CATEGORY table and an ITEM_CATEGORY relation table. Items may fall in multiple categories "Item" table has item id and item name.  "cat" table has Category Id and Category Name. There is a third table  to store the item category relation. "Item_cat" table  contains Itm_Id (item id) and cat_Id (category id).

Here the question is how to generate a result like this

ItmName  ##    Category
Item1 ##    Cat1,Cat3
Item2 ##    Cat2
Item3 ##    Cat1,Cat4
Item3 ##    Cat1

Sample MySQL query to list Items and its categories. In this example there are tables for Items, Categories and Item_category relation. One item may fall in different categories. In the result there should be no repeat of records and the categories should be comma separated.

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