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How to drink water - Benefits of Water - How much water should one consume daily, find using our online calculator

Formulae to find How much water you should drink daily based on your weight
Your weight in Kilogram * 0.0326 = Quantity of water you should drink in litres

Find it online : Click here to calculate online using our Water consumption Calculator

After you wake up, drink 2 cups of water in empty bowel. For beginers it would be difficult,so they can start with a single cup. After few days increase the  intake to 2 cups.After this brush your teeth and take bath. For next 45 minutes you should not drink or eat. After that enjoy your breakfast, then for the next 2 hours do not drink or eat. Make this a routine and you can feel relief from bowel problems, Hyper-tension and diabetes in 30 days.


  1. Two glasses of water after waking up will activate internal organs
  2. If you take one glass of water 20 minute before your meal, it will supplement the digestion process.
  3. Drink one glass of water before bath to lower your blood pressure.
  4. Studies proved that drinking a galss of water before going to bed reduces the chances of stroke (brain hemorrage ) and heart attack.
  5. When you feel tired, drink a glass of water. Tiredness may be due to dehydration.
  6. Water Keeps you hydrated
  7. It has ZERO calories
  8. Helps to flush out toxins from the body
  9. Acts as appetite suppressant
  10. makes your skin healthy and improve beauty
  11. Helps in weight loss
  12. It improves mental health
  13. Cure Cramps and sprains
  14. It imparts energy in the body

How much water a person should drink?
You should drink water equivalent to half of your body weight in lbs , divided by 2 and the value is in ounce.

or you can use this formulae

Formulae to find How much water a person should drinkbased on his weight in kilograms

Your weight in Kilogram * 0.0326 = Quantity of water you should drink in litres

Ex: 85 kg body weight * 0.0326 = 2.77 liters of water

if your weight is 85 kg / 187.39 lbs
187.39 / 2 = 93.69 oz
Convert 93.69 ounce to liter and you should drink 2.77 liters of water every day.

Online Calculator to find how much water to consume daily

Enter Your weight in Kilograms:


Never drink water with your meals as it delay the process of digestion. Water between meals will dilute the digestive juices so digestion process take much time.

Avoid soft drinks , colas etc. Always try to drink purest water or natural isotonic beverages like Cocunut water or natural juices taken from fresh and clean fruits or vegetables.
Water is:

Over consumption of water can cause excessive sweating, urination and even cause death of the person.

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