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MSN Hotmail accounts not connecting using Pidgin, getting "Connection error from Notification server: Connection timed out" message

Are you not able to connect your MSN / Hotmail chat account using Pidgin software or  getting "Connection error from Notification server: Connection timed out" message in response?

For last few weeks I was getting following messages when ever I try to connect hotmail (MSN) account using Pidgin chat software. The following were the messages I received as response.

Connection error from Notification server: Connection timed outConnection error from Notification server: Connection Refused
This problem was shown in both windows and linux machines.

Do you get unwanted telemarketing calls and commercial SMS on your phone? check how to block it.

Telemarketing calls and SMS ads are considered as the best of all consumer building techniques. The main reason for this is the cheap SMS and call rates in India. Telemarketers gather phone numbers from various sources  and calls or sends text messages to promote their products or services. Sometimes it may be irritant to people.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ( TRAI) has set up an option for mobile or land line customers to stop or block such unwanted calls or sms. Options are given below.

How to check Call and data balance of your BSNL mobile - how to block telemarket calls to BSNL mobile and Landline

To check call Balance in your BSNL mobile,Please Dial *123#

To check Data / Internet Balance of your BSNL mobile Dial *234#

For Post paid or Pre paid recharging of your BSNL mobile, visit

If you BSNL land line is not working then dial 198/1500/1800-345-1500 to register complaint.

Weekend Destination - Munnar - Marayoor - Kantalloor - Amazing cool misty climate - Photos - How to reach

Munnar is the favourite destination for tourists who visits kerala. Munnar has a pleasent cool and misty climate. It is considered as one of the top honey moon destinations in India. It is also famous for its tea plantations and pleasant climate.

There is another wonderful place called Kantalloor, which is 50 Kms away from Munnar town . To reach here you have to pass through the famous Marayoor sandal forest.

Location : Kanthalloor ( 50 kms away from Munnar town (11 kms from Marayoor) ) is located in the outskirt of Munnar.

Deep-sea Anglerfish Black Seadevil Scary looking creature Video

Deep-sea Anglerfish are the strange and elusive creature that are very rarely observed in their natural habitat. Fewer than half a dozen have ever been captured on film or video by deep-diving research vehicles.They are mostly  found in tropical to temperate waters of the Indian,Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

How to drink water - Benefits of Water - How much water should one consume daily, find using our online calculator

Formulae to find How much water you should drink daily based on your weight
Your weight in Kilogram * 0.0326 = Quantity of water you should drink in litres

Find it online : Click here to calculate online using our Water consumption Calculator

After you wake up, drink 2 cups of water in empty bowel. For beginers it would be difficult,so they can start with a single cup. After few days increase the  intake to 2 cups.After this brush your teeth and take bath. For next 45 minutes you should not drink or eat. After that enjoy your breakfast, then for the next 2 hours do not drink or eat. Make this a routine and you can feel relief from bowel problems, Hyper-tension and diabetes in 30 days.


PHP Function to remove the HTML tags along with their contents - PHP function to remove HTML tags only

Usually strip_tags() function is used for removing tags from an html string. but there are some issues with this function

1. It does not validate the HTML, partial or broken tags can result in the removal of more text/data than expected.
2. It does not modify any attributes on the tags that you provide as allowable_tags parameter.
3. It may give different outputs for different versions of the same tag. For example for <br> and <br />
4. For a badly formated HTML string like " PHP guys <b<b>> rocks </b<b>> ", it may give unexpected results.

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