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Blogger sync problem -Why DISQUS comments displayed on Disqus Admin is not displayed on Comment section of Blog's page?

Blogger Disqus sync problem

Why I am not able to view the old comments from blogger, even though I had imported the comments and enabled the Sync option on Admin > Discussions > Import > Blogger.

I am always getting the email:

You are receiving this email because you've chosen to sync your
comments on Disqus with your Blogger blog. Unfortunately, we were not
able to access this blog.

This may happen if you've revoked access to Disqus. To re-enable,
please visit:

I had checked the "Who can comment" settings in Blogger. It is set to "Any one".

DISQUS reply:
Syncing is not currently working for some Blogger sites due to a re-factoring Blogger performed which causes some authorization processes to fail during the sync process. We’re currently looking into our overall Blogger integration based on this and other changes on Blogger’s end.

Your forum’s comments are not being lost in the meantime and are all still stored in Disqus. They can also be exported into an XML file for backup purposes at any time from your forum’s Discussions > Export page. Sorry for the current hassle and don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

To help us take a look into why comments aren’t showing, kindly forward us the shortname that is having trouble.

Thank you for that additional information and please let us know if you have any other questions by replying to this thread. If you have any separate questions, please start a new case with us at and we’ll be happy to help.


As per their request i sent my short name and other credentials.

I tried re sync on discus admin, on final step i got this message

WARNING: Check your Blogger settings
All done! We will keep comments on Disqus synced with Blogger.

However, we could not test your blog's settings. If your blog's settings allow only certain people to comment, all comments synced from Disqus will be shown as authored by the blog owner instead.

To prevent this, go to Blogger → Settings → Comments and set the Who Can Comment? option to Anyone.

so I checked the blogger settings , every thing was okay there, but even after that I got the same "Not able to sync" Email

I contacted DISQUS customer service stating this

DISQUS reply:

We’ve taken a look into this and it appears that imported comments are appearing on your site.

If this is not the case and you need further assistance, please forward the following information:
- a link to a page where comments are missing
- a link to a comment that should be appearing on the above page

Please note that if the URL structure of your comments has changed in any way, you’ll need to use our URL Mapper migration tool to make sure comments are associated with the correct, new, URL. For more information about the URL Migration Mapper, please visit:

For more information on why comments may be appearing in the admin panel but not on the website, please visit:

Thank you for that additional information if you need further assistance and please let us know if you have any other questions by replying to this thread. If you have any separate questions, please start a new case with us at and we’ll be happy to help.

-------MY COMMENT-------

I send the required info:

issue is still there

Check this page
the comment link is given below ( i had taken this from DISQUS admin section)

Comments are not displayed here

Later I found the issue

This was because of the problem with country domains ( ccTLD Country code top-level domain )

when i took

instead of

I could see the comments.
(Please note the change of country code from .in to .com )

I replied to DISQUS regarding the Blogger link redirection, Here is the reply from them:

DISQUS reply:
Glad to hear you’ve been able to locate the cause of this issue. Thanks for providing that information about Blogger redirecting to a country-specific domain.

The fundamental issue here is called thread splitting. Basically, the first moment a post is loaded Disqus grabs the URL and associates a unique thread ID to that URL. For example, if you preview a post before publishing, Disqus will associate that preview URL with the thread ID.

In order to prevent future threads from splitting, you’ll want to use a disqus_identifier and a disqus_url for each of your blog posts. For steps on how to do that, see our documentation here:

Specific information on making the same comments appear on multiple pages is available here:

**note that we do recommend also specifying the disqus_url in addition to the disqus_identifier.

To fix existing threads, you’ll want to use the URL map migration tool.

If you still have questions about this topic, please let us know in this thread. If you have any separate questions, please start a new case with us at

About Blogspot website redirection based on Countries
As you know Blogger a couple of years back has rolled out this upate: The website address of a blog you're reading may redirect to a country-specific domain. For example, if you're in India and viewing [blogname], you might be redirected to [blogname] The country-specific domain should correspond to the country where you're currently located.

So how to handle this Issue when we integrate DISQUS comment on a blogger blog like that will be shown as

One option I think we can do is to put a Javascript Redirection code which checks the current url for presence of domain in the url else redirect the country specific domain to global domain by adding a /ncr/ in the url

Read for more details : Why blogger blog redirects to a country specific domain and how to view blog in domain?

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