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Javascript (JS) function to strip HTML tags in a string - PHP strip_tags function equivalent in JS

PHP strip_tags() function equivalent in Javascript

Strip_tags function in php removes all html tags except the allowed tags from a given string. I did some Online search and could find a coupleof functions that were able to do this task.

Here are few  JS functions that does Strip_tags function

Here's the strip_tags() with allowable tags

function strip_tags(str, allow) {
// making sure the allow arg is a string containing only tags in lowercase ()
allow = (((allow || "") + "").toLowerCase().match(/<[a-z][a-z0-9]*>/g) || []).join('');

var tags = /<\/?([a-z][a-z0-9]*)\b[^>]*>/gi;
var commentsAndPhpTags = /|<\?(?:php)?[\s\S]*?\?>/gi;
return str.replace(commentsAndPhpTags, '').replace(tags, function ($0, $1) {
return allow.indexOf('<' + $1.toLowerCase() + '>') > -1 ? $0 : '';
//taken from

Simple function using DOM

this function removes all occurances of tag which is specified as second parameter to the function

function stripTags(el, tagName) {
var els = el.getElementsByTagName(tagName.toUpperCase());
for (var i = 0; i < els.length; i++) { while (els[i].firstChild) els[i].parentNode.insertBefore(els[i].removeChild(els[i].firstChild), els[i]); els[i].parentNode.removeChild(els[i--]); } 

Here is another function which is able to remove all HTML tags . You can also specify allowed tags.

function strip_tags(html){

if(arguments.length < 3) { html=html.replace(/<\/?(?!\!)[^>]*>/gi, '');
} else {
var allowed = arguments[1];
var specified = eval("["+arguments[2]+"]");
var regex='</?(?!(' + specified.join('|') + '))\b[^>]*>';
html=html.replace(new RegExp(regex, 'gi'), '');
} else{
var regex='</?(' + specified.join('|') + ')\b[^>]*>';
html=html.replace(new RegExp(regex, 'gi'), '');

var clean_string = html;

return clean_string;


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