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How to apply for a new ration card and what are the documents required?

List of documents required for new ration card application in Kerala and how to apply

Application for a new ration card should be addressed to Taluk Supply Officer (TSO) / City Rationing Officer (CRO) of applicant's residing area.

Primary document required are Residence certificate, Income certificate and incase the applicant's name is in another ration card then he/she should submit the reduction certificate ontained from previous TSO / CRO as proof for removing his/her name from old Ration card.

You can get the new application from your currently residing Taluk Supply Office.

How to add a widget that to be displayed only on mobile version a blogger website?

How to put a widget on blogger web layout that to be displayed only on mobile version a blogger / blogspot website?

Here are the steps for adding a custome widget to blogger site layout which is to be shown only on Mobile version of the blogger web page. Please make sure that you take a copy of Blogger template code before editing it.

Step1: Go to Admin area of your Blogger (Blogspot) website

Step2: Open the Layout of your blog

Step3: Click on "Add a Gadget" to add a new Gadget of type "HTML/JavaScript"
     -- Enter a Title to identify your new gadget
     -- Enter gadget content in the "Content" box
     -- Save the widget

Latest IT Job openings and MNC walk-ins in India

Listed here are the latest recruitment's in IT sector, There will be Notification regarding Walk-in drives and Off campus recruitment by various MNC's like TCS, Wipro, L&T, google, Mcafee, Yahoo, CTS, HP, HCL and more.

Here you can find Job openings for Software developers, testers, S/W Engg trainees, Fresher IT jobs, Database admins, Oracle experts, Business analysts, BPO, Technical Associates, Desktop engineers, Hardware and networks technicians, Technical support Engineers, S/W engineers, project leaders & managers and more.

Please Go through the Job list, read the detailed advertisement from the links given along with the post and then is not in any case, responsible for any consequences of you applying for a job through the openings listed on this site. It is your responsibility to verify before applying for the job.



More IT Jobs and Walkin Updates >>

Given …

Blogger sync problem -Why DISQUS comments displayed on Disqus Admin is not displayed on Comment section of Blog's page?

Blogger Disqus sync problem

Why I am not able to view the old comments from blogger, even though I had imported the comments and enabled the Sync option on Admin > Discussions > Import > Blogger.

I am always getting the email:

You are receiving this email because you've chosen to sync your
comments on Disqus with your Blogger blog. Unfortunately, we were not
able to access this blog.

This may happen if you've revoked access to Disqus. To re-enable,
please visit:

I had checked the "Who can comment" settings in Blogger. It is set to "Any one".

DISQUS reply:
Syncing is not currently working for some Blogger sites due to a re-factoring Blogger performed which causes some authorization processes to fail during the sync process. We’re currently looking into our overall Blogger integration based on this and other changes on Blogger’s end.

Your forum’s comments are not being lost in the m…

Why blogger blog redirects to a country specific domain and how to view blog in domain?

This topic covers following questions:

Why BLOGSPOT website redirects to a country specific domain?How to view blogger website in domain?
Few months back Blogger has rolled out an update : The website address of a blog you're reading may redirect to a country-specific domain. For example, if you're in India and viewing [blogname], you might be redirected to [blogname] The country-specific domain should correspond to the country where you're currently located.

Javascript JS function to break a URL into its components or parts

How to break or split a given URL into various parts like Host, protocol, relative path, end file , directories etc?

A simple JS function is given below which uses window.location object to retrive parts of a url into an array.

Cyberabad metropolitan Police short film on Women safety- Must watch video

Cyberabad metropolitan Police, your safety our concern short film on women safety

This short film talks about the precautions that women should take before travelling alone.

If available choose a public transport vehicle

If you catch a car or any other private transport vehicle, inform your parents and friends about the vehicle number

Do not sleep in the vehicle

Always take a close watch of the road

How to check whether Your name is in the Voters List?

How to confirm your name is in the voter's list ?

For voters from Kerala
To confirm the presence of your name in the voter's list of your constituency, you have to do the following:

Visit Chief Electoral Officer, Kerala Website (

Click on Electoral Rolls button on top or go to

Select Your District and Legislative Assembly Constituency and get the Booth list.

On the booth list Click on Your Booth / polling station name. This will download the list of all voters under that booth.



In March 2013 KSEB has introduced LABHA PRABHA scheme targeting domestic consumers to encourage them in conservation of electricity. Rs 6 Crores worth price was announced by KSEB in the First season of Labha Prabha scheme in 2013. This Year KSEB has announced LABHA PRABHA 2014 Season 2 meant for domestic consumers and promises gifts and other incentives for saving electricity.
The KSEB is focusing on school students to spread the message of energy conservation and has announced 5 KW grid-connected solar power units for 10 schools in each district, which will cost the KSEB Rs 6 crore.

Students are requested to encourage their parents to register in the scheme through any of the following options.

CubeStormer 3, fastest robot to solve Rubik's cube in just 3.253 seconds - New Guinness World Record!

The Robot CubeStormer 3, is presented with the Guinness World Record for analyzing and solving a Rubik's cube in just 3.253 seconds. It's predecessor CubeStormer 2 took 5 seconds to solve the same task. As you know humans take minutes solve the cube puzzle, this victory of CubeStormer 3 can be considered a big step of Robot dominance in near future.

Creators of CS  3 : ARM engineer David Gilday and Securi-Plex security systems engineer Mike Dobson.

Abigail & Brittany Hensel - Cojoined twins who share a body

Abigail & Brittany Hensel - Video of cojoined twins who share a body

Abigail Loraine Hensel and Brittany Lee Hensel are american Co-joined twins. Each twin controls her half of their body, operating one of the arms and one of the legs.

Parents: Patty and Mike Hensel

Birth date: March 7, 1990

Different ways to monetize Your web content - Earn some extra $$$ from your website

Monetize Your web content - Earn some extra $$$ from your website

Google Adsense is the most effective way for monetizing your website. Google shares a large part of their Ad income with site owners for pulishing Google ads on their websites. For useing google ads on your website you have to get an Adsense account. Apply for your new account by CLICKING HERE or visiting

It is always recommended to go through Google Adsense Ad placement Policy FAQ page before adding changes to your Google ad display. Remember, Google is very strict in Ad policies.

Is there any other Ad programs that can be used along with Google Adsense?

Is it possible to open the links in DISQUS comment section in a separate browser tab or window?

DISQUS is one of the best among the Comment tools opted by various bloggers. They provide an easy to integrate Javascript (JS) code to implement a comment section on your blog. You can use Facebook, google logins to post comments.

Currently when a user submit a post and if it has some links, the comment is shown in the comment listing section.
On clicking the link it opens in same window. I put  a ticket to DISQUS asking for an option to add attributes like " target='blank' "  and  "rel='nofollow' " to the anchor tags of links in the comment section. here is the reply I got from DISQUS.

Share and popularise your websites using Twitter, facebook and Google Plus Share and Like widgets - Integrated code

Currently Share and Like buttons are the most popular tools in socializing and popularising  online  web contents.

Facebook, Google and Twitter are considered as the best among the Social networking websites. They provide various widgets which can be used to deliver the latest contents on the web to thousands of followers around the globe.

Here is the integrated code for Facebook share and like buttons, google plusone and Twitter tweet button.

Copy the following code and paste it on your website:

Include the below given JavaScript code on your page just after the opening body tag.
<div id="fb-root"></div>
<script>(function(d, s, id) {
var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
if (d.getElementById(id)) return;
js = d.createElement(s); = id;
js.src = "//";
fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));</script>

//display the …

Facebook Share button for Sharing Your Web contents - How to create and add FB share Button to websites?

Share your web contents with FB share button


FB Share button is one of the quickest way's for people to share contents online. It allows facebook users to share a web content to Facebook, share with particular friends or with a group. Alternatively, they can share in a private message.

On clicking the button, it will ask to login. if you are logged in it will load a popup form with data to be shared once submitted, data will be shared to user friend list and time line.

Facebook Like button for popularise Your Web contents - How to create and integrate FB Like Button to websites?

Popularise Your web contents with FB Like button


FB Like button is the quickest way for people to share content with their friends.

It allows FB users to share pages and content from your site back to their Facebook profile with one click, so all their friends can read them.

On clicking the button, it will ask to login. if you are logged in it will ask to confim and finally asks to add comment.

Twitter Share / Tweet button for better content sharing - Instructions for adding Tweet button to your website

The Tweet Button or Twitter Share button is a small widget from twitter API service which allows users to easily share a website with their followers.

How it works
When a user clicks the Tweet Button he is asked to login to Twitter. If the user is new to Twitter there will be option to create a twitter account. After successful login a "Share Box" appears which is already completed with required data to share.
The user can alter the content if they need.If everything fine, then user Tweets (posts) it. The shared contents will be posted to Twitter pages of all followers.

How to integrate Twitter Share button
Integration of a Tweet button to your website is very simple. You can alter the appearance of the tweet button based on the attributes that you add on the button code

Javascript (JS) function to strip HTML tags in a string - PHP strip_tags function equivalent in JS

PHP strip_tags() function equivalent in Javascript

Strip_tags function in php removes all html tags except the allowed tags from a given string. I did some Online search and could find a coupleof functions that were able to do this task.

Here are few  JS functions that does Strip_tags function

Here's the strip_tags() with allowable tags

What is the Label specific post feed of a blogger website and how to display the blogger posts based on a particular Label or category?

Blog writers who are using Google's blogger tool will be familiar with Labels. You can categorise Your blogger posts based on Labels / Category.

In some occassions you may be in need to display Label specific posts as a sperate section on your Blog Home page or sub pages.

Your Blogger Label-specific site rss feed:

You can control the number of posts that to be listed, by adding a parameter to the above url

Javascript (JS) function to validate Email Address

Email Validator Script in JS

Here is a simple function in Javascript (JS) which uses regular expression to tests whether the given string matches to a valid email patters.

The JS built-in function used here is test().

Use the function given below to validate Email address

What is the sitemap url of a Blogger or Blogspot website?

Sitemap url of a Blogger or Blogspot website

When you submit your blogger website to search engines such as Bing, google etc through their webmaster tools, It will ask for the sitemap url so that search engine crawlers can access it and index your blog post's.

For Blogspot blog websites, in the below given location , you can find your blogs Sitemap

Replace "MYBLOG" with your blog's name.

If you are using a different domain name for your blogger website by mapping the domain name to the blog hosted on blogspot / Blogger, then you can find the sitemap at following location:

If you have more than 500 post's…

How to change the text of an HTML File control's browse button - CSS work around

How to customize the text of an HTML File control's browse button

HTML file element is used to upload files to the server. Usually the File element have a button having texts like "Browse", "Choose" or "Choose file" depending on the browser you use. If you want to customise the Browse button text, there is a sample hack code on net, which uses some CSS work arounds to display an image over a browse button, which on clicked will popup the file selector window.

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