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How to fix paypal SDK error "Fatal error: Class 'OAuthTokenCredential' not found"

Those who are working with Paypal SDk might have come across the error Fatal error: Class 'OAuthTokenCredential' not found"

This type of Class not found error occur mainly because of missing on Namespace in the file.

Error generating code is given below
$sdkConfig = array(
"mode" => "sandbox"

$cred = new OAuthTokenCredential("RtUIouduouaTTdkahkVhueUEMvXO_-MCI4FGQQ4-LWvkMY5N2fGsd", "EL1tVxAjhT7cJimnz5-Nsx9k2reTKSVfErNQF-CmrwJgxRtylkGTKlU4RvrX",$sdkConfig);

To fix such errors You have to specify the Namespace just before the creation of the Class object.
like given below:

namespace PayPal\Auth ;
$sdkConfig = array(
"mode" => "sandbox"

$cred = new OAuthTokenCredential("RtUIouduouaTTdkahkVhueUEMvXO_-MCI4FGQQ4-LWvkMY5N2fGsd", "EL1tVxAjhT7cJimn…

Simple customized Search form code for using Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) results hosted on Google

If you have created personalised search engine using Google's Custom Search Engine (CSE) option through website ,    then you will be given a piece of code that need to be pasted on your website, on where you wish to see the Search box..

Google custom search results can be displayed in different modes

1. Display the result with in the page where you are displaying the Search Box
2. Display the result on a different page on your website
3. Display as frames
4. Display the result on a google hosted page.

JS Date Time functions - How to get Current Day, Month, Year and time using Javascript?

How to get Current Day, Month, Year and time using Javascript?

There are several Date and time functions in JS to retrive current Date, Day name, Month name, year and Time

Javascript has a special class called Date, this Date class is initiated by creating a Date object and using several functions in the Date class we can access segments of Current Date and time

How to create a Date object:

// declare date object
var today = new Date();

Date and Time function in JS:

//get current day

// current month

// get current year

//get Hour of the day

//get minute of the day

//get second

Here is a simple illustration of above mentioned functions

function getDateTime()

var daysOfWeek = new Array("Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday");

var months=new Arra…

How can I submit my web pages to google for indexing?

Manually submitting website pages to google

Usually google crawls website's in a scheduled manner, but some time you may want to tell google about your new page or an important content updation. Insuch cases you can use following methods.

Submit URl tool, Sitemap re-submission tool or Fetch as Google tool

Each option is explained below:

How to know, when my website was last visited by google bots?

Check when was your website last crawled by google crawlers

For knowing last access date of your website by google's search engine spider / crawler, you can use an online tool provided by

Currently there is no query restriction for using this tool. The tool is "Google Bot Last Accessed Date Checker Tool " which is a free tool.

How to list title of the blogger posts based on a particular label or category

How to list title of the blogger posts based on a label

As you know we can categorise your blogger articles based on label. On click on the Label links you will get the list of articles under that Label. In some cases for example, You want List of Post titles which comes under particular Labels / categories to show on home page of your blogger website. You can do it by using a simple Javascript work around which uses your blogger feeds to generate the records based on the label. Below you can find the JS code for this.

How to add a customized search box on blogger website and show the result get sorted by date or relevance.

Place customized search box on blogger website and show the search result based on date or relevance.

A typical Search page link on a blogger website looks like this:

By default the the search page will load result based on relevance. Sometimes you want the result to be displayed based published date. ie, most recent record will be shown first.

The order of record listing is determined by the GET parameter "by-date", the default value of this is "by-date=false".

How to use old MTS Mblaze Dongle Plug and Play Internet device as Pendrive

How to use old MTS Mblaze Dongle Plug and Play Internet device as Pendrive

Few months back, I was using MTS 2G Mblaze Plug and Play Internet device for accessing internet. Recently I  purchased a 3G Mblaze Plug and Play device. So I did the following to use the first device as a pendrive.

First open the back side of the device. There you can find a small pocket for holding Micro SD memory cards. I purchased a new 16 GB micro SD card and inserted into the memory card socket of the device.  Close the device and plug in to the USB port.  Now try to access the Drive.

So, thus you can use your old MTS dongle device and a 16, 32...GB pendrive.

How to put Adsense code after a particular post on a blogger website's home page

How to add customised wigget or code after a particular post on home page of a blogger website

On a blogger website's home page, there will be a list of latest posts on the blog and on clicking on each posts title, will lead to the correspoding post.

Suppose you want to add an Adsense code or any other widget after the second (2nd) post on the Home page. Here is the steps for doing so:

Go to your blog admin


This will open your template in Edit Mode

Find the following code "b:loop values='data:posts' var='post'"

Download Kerala Govt's Birth, Death and Marriage Registration certicates from Local Self Governing (RD) department's Sevana Portal

SEVANA - Kerala Govt's Online Portal to Download Birth Registration Certifcates, Death Registration Certifcates, Hindu Marriage Registration Certifcates and Common Marriage Registration Certifcates.

On 25th July 2012 Kerala state govt has issued order ( Ref No: 202/2012/തസ്വഭവ.) allowing civilians under its Jurisdiction of using downloaded copies of Birth , Death and marriage registration certificates from Governments Local Self Governing (RD) department (SEVANA) website.

You can download the Birth and death certicates from Local Self Governing (RD) department's Civil Registrations website

How to change the hands free mode to normal mode on Tata Indicom CDMA Huwaei c2831 mobile phone

Trouble in changing the hands free mode to normal mode on Tata Indicom CDMA Huwaei c2831 mobile phone

I am using a Tata Indicom CDMA connection. The mobile phone used for this is of model  Huwaei c2831 cdma.  This has a FM radio option, but to hear the programs you have to conect the headset which acts as an antena.
When it is connected the phone is automatically changed to HANDS-FREE mode and normally it should be reverted to Normal mode when the head set is unplugged. In my case even after unplugging of headset, the phone is still in hands-free mode and its shows a logo image of headset  on the middle left of phone screen. When a Call comes, I cannot hear what is said by the person on other end, but he can hear what i am saying. If I connect the headset I can hear the other person.

Following are the different actions  I took.

1. I had gone to the options and set off the Radio mode. Then switched of the phone and then switched on it.

2. Switched off the phone while talking and the…

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