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PWNIUM-4 - Google Chrome International Hacking Contest - reward amount 2.7 million USD - CanSecWest 2014

PWNIUM-4 - Chromium Security Reward Program 2014 at CanSecWest - Reward of 2.7 million USD for winners of this International Hacking Contest

Are you an expert hacker? Here is a chance for you to win $2.71828 million USD. The contest is not just hacking a small computer of an online account, Participants are hack IT gaint Google's Chrome brwser and Operating System.

The contest is sponsored by Google itself to identify and fix any security issues in Chrome Browser and OS. Google had been conducting this contest for the past 4 years and no one has won since then.

Does Dogs drink water by licking - Ultra slow motion Close up video of Dog drinking water

Does Dogs drink water by licking, What You think?

Check this video which is filmed using a Phantom camera at 1000 fps (frames per second). The footage is taken from a series called "Secret Life of Dogs".

Here you can see, dog put its tongue into the water and fold it to form a cup shape, fetching water and drinking it.

Beware of Facebook Share To Watch Video scams

FB Share To Watch Video Scam

Recently on Facebook a new type of scam has become common. It's the Share To Watch Video posts that appears on your time line. When you click on the  video image in the post, then an intermediate  window will appear, which forces the user to share the video / post before watching it.

How to automatically redirect the blogger 404 error page to search page based on the keywords in failed url?

Blogger allows user to show a customised 404 (page not found) error page. You can add contents for your 404 error page through your blogger admin.

Do the following steps:

Login to Your blogger account

Select your blog

Click on "Settings" on the left side menu

Click on "Search Preferences" ( Settings >> Search Preferences )

Paymentech Error in form submission x_fp_hash Could not validate the integrity of the payment

For those who use Chase paymentech hosted payment gateway might have gone through a rare error senario.

Here the user was shown a warning message and an email was also sent to user with error details.


Error in form submission

An error page was displayed to the customer.

x_fp_hash : Could not validate the integrity of the payment from the transaction


Online HTML escape tool

Online tool for HML escaping, this tool replaces all occurences of < , > , ', " with corresponding html equivalents.

This tool is helpful for escaping javascript codes which are to be embeded in blogger templates. Just input your JS script or any string and get the HTML escaped output string.

File extension checker to know what type of file from its extension

A file extension is nothing more than the last characters after the period in the name of a file. You may have gone through various files with unfamiliar extensions. There is a website called that have a large database of information regarding various file extensions.

To know about a file extension, you just enter the file extension on search box at the top of the site and do a search

French characters are not properly displayed in PDF created using PHP FPDF class

Problem in displaying French characters or other language characters that uses latin scripts  on PDF files generated using FPDF class

I am using FPDF class Version 1.6 to generate a pdf file which have french characters in it. But on the PDF file the french characters are either discarded or displayed as some other unfamiliar characters.


I tried the below given script to fix the issue.


function change_encoding($str){
return( iconv("UTF-8", "CP1250//TRANSLIT", $str) );


The function given above will accept a string and generate the french character friendly encded string.

string iconv ( string $in_charset , string $out_charset , string $str )

the function iconv converts a string to requested character encoding. It performs a character set conversion on the string "$str" from "in_charset" to "out_charset".


Appending "//TRANSLIT" to out_charset transliteration is…

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