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How to view orginal size version of an image embeded in MS Word documents

This article expains how to extract actual images from a word document.

When you place an image in a microsoft documents ( files with doc, docx entensions), the image will be scaled to fix in the document. To extract back the orginal image, there is  currently no options in MS office doc tools, for this, you have to close the doc file and then rename it to .zip

How to check Page Types in blogger templates for customizing blog pages

Blogger users come across situations like customising their Blog templates for adding various plugins or custom changes. So for doing this, they should be aware of various page types and how to identify that using blogger specific conditional statements.

various types of blogspot pages are Item, Statis, Index, Archive, Search Label etc

to get the page type you have to use the parameter "data:blog.pageType"

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