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Compare two dates using php string comparison

Here is a small script in PHP to compare 2 dates
This comparison will work if dates are in "YYYY-mm-dd" format

Try this Your self

$date1="2012-05-20"; $date2="2012-05-20";

if( $date1 > $date2 ) echo "$date1 greater than $date2";
elseif( $date1 == $date2 ) echo "$date1 equal to $date2";
else echo "$date1 lower than $date2";

Just changed this to a function

function strDateCompare($date1,$date2){
if( $date1 > $date2 )
return "$date1 greater than $date2";
elseif( $date1 == $date2 )
return "$date1 equal to $date2";
return "$d1 lower than $d2";
call the function as given below:

echo( strDateCompare("2012-05-20","2012-05-20") );
//this will return "2012-05-20 equal to 2012-05-20"
echo( strDateCompare("2011-03-15","2012-05-20") );
//this will return "2011-03-15 less than 2012-05-20"


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