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Cufon script not properly showing in IE9 - Solution

Cufon Library - IE9 Conflict 

Cufon script not properly showing in IE9 - Solution

Cufon library version 1.09 have issues with internet explorer 9 (IE9)browser. When you take your website on this browser Cufon script fails to display the Text in the cufon applied tags.

If you have such an issue then make sure that you are using the latest version of Cufon script "cufon-yui.js"

The latest version of cufon-yui.js as on Jan 2012 is 1.09i. replace the old "cufon-yui.js" file with the latest version. You can download the file from Cufon website OR go to link :

There is no need to generate your JS font file. simply replace the old "cufon-yui.js" with the latest version.

Add the following code in Head section of your html file

<!--[if gte IE 9]> <script type="text/javascript"> Cufon.set('engine', 'canvas'); </script> <![endif]-->
To force the IE9 browser to behave l…

Cufon Library for using attractive fonts in website

The fonts used in websites for displaying titles, headings or subheadings have much importance in improving readability of the website. There are variety of pretty fonts available that can be used to render contents various HTML tags like H1,H2,B,I etc. One issue that could happen is, if the client machine doesn't have your applied font then it renders with available font. A very good and effective solution for this is the use of Cufon Library (Cufon Script) for rendering the HTML contents using your desired font. Cufon doesn’t use Flash technology (like sIFR*) to render fonts. Cufon simply changes selected text elements to the <canvas> HTML5 tag.

No plug-ins required for Cufon, it is fast and easy to implement, recent version of cufon script works with all major browsers.

It is simple to install Cufon script in your webpages.

At First, download the latest version of "cufon-yui.js" file from Cuffons website.

Next, download your favourite font from any of the web…

Browser version Compatibility testing tools

Site developers may come across different issues while designing and developing a website. One of such issues is browser compatibility. Same site may look different in various versions of same browser.

Testing a site on various version of same browser take too much time. There are some brilliant online tools which allows web developers to test the website for it version compatibilities.


IE NetRenderer allows you to check how a website is rendered by different versions of Internet Explorer ie, IE9, IE8, IE7, IE6 or IE5.5.. Only thing you need to do is just type in a URL of desired website and the pixel height(optional) , then click the "Render" button. You will get the screen shot of how your website looks in the selected IE Browser version. This is a very useful and fastest free service provided by GEOTEK.

Try it out :

Another site compatibility testing tool I came across is, Here you can test…

How to add Facebook Like button in WordPress theme and Blogger Blogs


Facebook is the fastest growing social networking website. A presense of your website in face book give a good impression to the viewers. If you have lots of followers in facebook, then that shows your site popularity.

Facebook provides "Like Box" service, so that users can link their website to facebook and promote the website contents, Using "Share" and "Like" options contents can be shared across various communities and friend groups in facebook. Once a user "Likes" your website post, immediately the people in the friend groups of th eperson who "liked" your post will get an intimation.

Advertise through Google Adwords using dynamic keyword insertion to increase the CTR

Google Adwords is a powerful tool / service by Googe Inc which can used to promote your products or service. Here you can create Ad campaigns. Google will serve your ad in various affiliated / pulisher sites. Using adwords campaign You can Promote your website with online ads on Google and their partner networks and there by atttract potential customers and gain market share with cost-effective online marketing. Adwords allows you to buy advertising on the Google search engine results, or on other sites through its AdSense program.

- In search engine results ads will be placed at top / bottom section and right side column of the search result.
- In site Ad placement may vary depening on how publisher wishes to show ads in his/her site. Ads can be shown as Image banners and text ads in various dimensions.

Create Ad campaign in Google Adword

For creating you ad campaign login to Adwords using your gmail account.
login page :

Click on the "Campaings" tab a…

Setting Valid Landing page for Adwords Destination URL

Setting Valid Landing page for Adwords Destination URL

Read Adwords dynamic keyword insertion before reading this post

When we use dynamic keyword insertion in destination url of the google Adword, You will get different destination urls based on the matching between our keyword list and user searched keyword.

In the Adword setting we give like this :

Headline : {KeyWord:Banks Openings}
Description line 1: Looking for {KeyWord:IT Jobs} in India
Description line 2: Pursue an {KeyWord:MNC Jobs} career!!
Display URL:{KeyWord:Banks Openings}
Destination URL: http://phptechi/jobs/{keyword:banks openings}.html

so if your Adword keyword list contains following keys:

Bank Openings
IT Openings
Govt Jobs
Gulf Openings

then, there is a chance of getting following destination urls

http://phptechi/jobs/banks openings.html
http://phptechi/jobs/it openings.html

Resolving Absolute Paths of included files from relative paths when using SEO friendly URLs

How to resolve base paths of your included files when using Htaccess mod rewrite rules for generating SEO friendly URL?

Most of the programmers might have encountered a design break issue while using mod rewrite rule in htaccess to override websites dynamic url with SEO friendly URLs

SEO friendly URLs

Search Engine Friendly URLs are purely structural URLs that do not contain a query string and instead contain only the path of the resource.

A dynamic url may look like:
this url may not look so pretty

You can rewrite this to a SEO friendly URL like this

Even though the webpage is called as in background server is accessing the actual url of the webpage ie,

This is done by using mod_rewrite rule in htaccess file.

Apaches mod_rewrite rule is a really sophisticated module which provid…

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