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Best SEO Practices and Tips

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Usage of TITLE tags
Never forget to add the Page Title in the title tags, This is the Primary identification of your webpage for a search engine. It must be unique else bots will treat as page duplication. Avoid title texts which too much lengthy. The title element should ideally be less than 70 characters in length.

Usage of Meta tags
Basic Meta data falls in Meta Keyword and meta description tags.
Meta Keyword : Let the Keywords be unique keyword phrases which describes the visible content of the page, You can use same keywords for other pages also if it accurately describes the page content.
Meta descrition : Try to make it unique or let the description tag hold the data which describe the page content.
It will also help the user to pick your page from the search engine listing.

Usage of H1 tags
H1 tag should be unique to the page like the page title which populate from TITLE tag, A page should contain only one H1 tag, but you can use h2,h3,h4,h5 and …

JQuery Effects Examples - Mobile JQuery - JQuery Examples and Downloads

Write Less and Do more with Jquery

While searching, I came across a nice website, which provides good examples of using the JQuery effect.  They have given the sample code and the option to download the required JQuery files along with the css. There are interesting  effects like horizontal and vertical scroller and sliders.

This may be helpful for designers as well as programmer. The integration seems to be very easy and understandable.

JQuery Doumentation
Download JQuery
Simple Jquery Tutorial
Jquery for Mobiles
100 Popular Jquery plugins
JQuery Scroller and Slider effects illustration

* jQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It is fast and concise. It simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development.jQuery is easy to learn and it is designed to change the way that you write JavaScr…

How to Create Vanity URL for your Facebook Fans Page

Creating  Vanity URL for your Facebook Fans Page

In my Previous article titled "How to Create facebook Fans Page", I had mentioned about creation for facebook fan pages.

The fan page url might me looking something like the below:

Sample URL:

To change this to a good looking URL like

You have to follow this steps

Once you have 25 fans on your Facebook Page, YOu can reserve a vanity URL so that your Facebook URL is

Login to the face book account

Click on your Fans page link

click Edit page button on the top

from the left menu click on the "Basic Information Link"

In the page adjacent to the Username Text there is a link asking to add a user name for your fans page, click on that

Enter your fanspage name and check availability

If available  Confirm your action by clicking the Confirm Button, …

Sitemaps - Free Online Sitemap Generator

Sitemap is a list of pages in a website, usually the sitemap file is saved as sitemap.xml in the websites rootfolder. When the search engine crawlers or bots crawls the website, it will go through the sitemap file to grab the links for indexing. While creating sitemaps make sure that the links listed in it are not broken or failed while the crawler traverse the list. The site map file will be in xml format and must be UTF-8 encoded.

For a regular updating site it will be better if there is a cron* script running in the server which periodically (once in 2 days or weekly) generate or update the sitemap file, so that when ever the  searchine crawlers crawl the site it could track the fresh pages.

Usually website developers also add a sitemap.html page which will have links to all other pages on the website, This will be helpful for navigation.

Free Online Sitemap Generator
Step1 : Go to

Step2 : Enter the full http address for your site and other required parame…

Monetize Your Google Custom Search Engine results with Google Adsense

To earn revenue from the Adsense ads in the result page you have to link your adsense account to the Google custom search control which you have used in the search pages.

for this you have to:

login to the Google custom search admin


on clicking any of this links will prompt for a login

Login using Your google account

There will be the search engine list, Click on  "control panel" link  next to you search engine name

then click on "Make money" link on left side

if you already have an Adsense account then,click on the radio button "I already have an AdSense account "  else click on "I am a new AdSense user" radio button and apply for new  adsense account.

If you already have an AdSense account, creating a new account will break your search engine.    

If you have valid adsense account then, Enter your adsense account details and submit

then your adsense account will be l…

Advantages of Blogging using Blogger

If you don't have a blogger Account go to know how to create a blog in blogger.

Blogger is a web publishing service hosted by Google Inc, Here users can register and create blogs and add posts to the blogs.


1. First of all it is free service, You dont need to worry of hosting and amount of money spend on that. The blooger blogs are hosted on google.

2. The blooger provides a very effective and user friendly content management system in which you can  modify the layout and design of you blogs, add and edit posts, add several widgets to the blog which are created by you or provided by blogger or from any other third party service

3.The Blogger software is updated by google regularly, A blogger have no overhead of this updation

4. Blogger pages are indexed faster in google search results

5. Google itself provides a good SEO.

6. You can monetize your blog  by integrating Adsense to it ( You can also use other Ad serving code provided by Chitika,Kontera,Infolinks etc…

Customize Your Google Custom Search Engine

Google CSE is more useful when you have several sites and you want to display the result of a search in a website from the contents of these sites. Here google pulls results from the index page results of specified sites which you want to show the results from.

Click to read my previous post on How to create Your own Google Custom Search Engine

login to the Google custom search admin

Here you will have 2 options 


This will lead to url:
You will get list of your CSE's created by you

 Click on the "control panel"  next to the CSE you wish to edit.
You can also check the stats of your CSE by clicking the "statistics" link

Click on the menu links on left side to edit each attributes of your CSE

To refine your search results you can specify keyword, for this you have to …

Create Blogs with Blogger

Blogger is a web publishing service hosted by Google Inc, Here users can register and create blogs and add posts to the blogs. Blogger service provide an admin area where user can login, modify the layout and design of their blogs, add and edit posts, add several widgets to the blog which are made by themselves or provided by blogger or from a third party service.

To Start an account in blogger
2. Click on Create Blog link
3. It will ask for Sign up OR New Registeration
4. Login or Signup
5. Select Template for your blog [Their and Dynamic and Classic templates]
6. Add Your first Post (You can add labels to your posts, which can be used as Categories of your Blog post)
7. Click on Design tab to modify your Page element position, you can drag and drop  widgets into your design
8. IN the design mode you can add Blogger provided widget, You add add thrid party widget codes using HTML widget.
9. YOu can monetize your blog by integrating Adsense to it( You can also use…

How to create Your own Google Custom Search Engine

Google Custom Search Engine: It is a service provided by Google Inc, by which any one who have a google account can create their own search engine. User can specify the sites from which he want to show the results. This services pull search results from Google indexed pages.

login to the Google custom search admin

Here you will have 2 options 


on clicking any of this links will prompt for a login

Login using Your google account

You can use your google username and password to access this service, If you dont have a google account create one by clicking "Sign up for a new Google Account" on the top right of the screen. Your Google Account gives you access to Google Custom Search and other Google services.

To Create a new custom search Engine click on "CREATE A CUSTOM SEARCH ENGINE" of if you are loggeed in click on the link "New search engine..."

This will …

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