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Google dictionary API for dynamic content generation

Google dictionary API for dynamic content generation [JSON data-interchange]

I was just thinking to generate some contents based on a keyword and i googled for any possible solutions for that.
Then I came across  an unofficial dictionary API services listed by google.

You can use this to return the definition of words, its type , its pronounciation. and some related texts to that word.

Link to the API is:,de&client=te

Copy and paste this url your browser (make sure the link is not broken when you copy), modify the word "YOUR_SEARCH_TERM"  to whatever word you would like and then press enter. You will get a JSON doc as output. Go through it, you can find  lots of info regarding the word you submitted. Data includes the word type and info. You can iterate the JSON data and use it according to your need.

NB: I am not sure how long this service will exi…

How to Download movies and songs from Youtube

Youtube is one of the largest source of videos.It is very easy to download the youtube clips to the computer and mobile.


Following are the steps: 1)  log on to

2) select the song/movie you wish to download.  For example, here if one wants to download movie PIRAVI, following is the link

3) copy the above link 4)  Open

5) paste the movie link taken from youtube in keepvid, near download option

6) Click button DOWNLOAD in keepvid and wait for few seconds.  It will ask if the program to be run?  click RUN

7) when it asks for drive to save, select the drive, for example, DESKTOP and click button SAVE It will take few minutes to save a movie.

Xilisoft YouTube Video Downloader

This YouTube video downloader is an easy to use and flexible application that allows you to drag the YouTube URL directly to the program itself. It is Completely free software for downloading YouTube videos. With this you can D…

How to post from Blogs to facebook pages?

Feed Your facebook Page with your Blogs feed content

This post deals with how to post your blog contents to your facebook page or fans page

Do the following two steps first if you do not have a facebook account

Step1: Create a facebook account

Step2: Create a facebook page (fans page), Read how to create a facebook fan page.

Do the following  steps if you already have a facebook account

Step1 : Go to the website   and click on the  "Get Started Now" button

Step2 : Authenticate the application to access facebook

Step3 : Login using your facebook username  and password

Step4 : Click on "Register a Blog" link at the right-top of the page

Step5 : Enter Your Blog Address / Website address and click the "Next" button.

Step6: In this step you will see the meta deta of your submitted website / blog. You can set your feed URL, Description,Keywords, tags and click the "Next"  button.

Step7: This step is to confirm whether yo…

How to create facebook fans page

Facebook Fans Page

Creating a Facebook Fans Page will increase your websites popularity and drive more traffic to you posts.

Following steps will give you a brief idea about how to create facebook pages.

Step 1: Go to the Facebook url for creating pages
This is the page for creating your fan page, here you will be provided with several types of pages.

Step2 : Click on the preferred page type
If you are selecting "Local Business or Place" You have to give the address of your business to process
in other type you have to specify the category and Site purpose / Site name / Product info
Click on "Get Started" button. This will take to the "Sign Up" form

Step3 : Login  OR Sign-Up
If you have a facebook account then choose the first option "I already have a Facebook account"  else go with the signup process by selecting "I do not have a Facebook account" option.

Step4 : Upload or import a pictu…

How to create Facebook Like Box Widget

Facebook Like Box

This post deals with how to Promote your facebook Page on your website
Add a Facebook Like Box to your site and give people an easy way to discover and follow this Page.

Step1 : Login to your facebook account

Step2 : Create Your Face book fan page , Read How to create a face book page

Step3 : On Your Facebook fan page, Click on the "Get Stated" tab on left side of the page.

Step4: on "Get Started" Page move to "Promote this Page on your website" Option and click on "Add Like Box" button    and you will go tothe following page
url :

Step5: Customize your Like Box

In the Like box Setup page:
Enter your face book page URL
Specify the Width and height of the widget
Enter Color scheme and border color
If you want to show the faces of those who "liked" your page, then check "Show Faces" option
If you want to show the posts in your fan pages in the Li…

Dynamic Keywords in Adwords display URLs for higher clicks

Google Adword campaigners use dynamic key word insertion to increase their sites click through rate there by increase the page traffic and rank. Most people do not know that they could use the dynamic keyword insertion in their display urls which is set in the adword unit. display urls are those urls which the adwords displays when your Ad is shown in google search results.There are 2 url that we have to specify in the Adword Ads, ie, Destination URL and Display URL. Destination URL is the target URL which we follow after clicking the Adword title.

It is not mandatory that the Display and Destination URLs must match exactly. If the desitnation url is something like

then the user will like to use
as the display URL.

Sample Adword Unit

Medical Insurance Medical insurance for Traveller. 
Low cost insurance rates,Affordable

The Dynamic keyword insertion can do done by do the following:

How to submit a Website to Google

Most of the webmasters think about submitting their website to Google is a good way to get Google to include their web pages in the google search results.

But recently when I googled about website submissions, I had found an interesting article  which states that submitting to google makes no difference and it takes 4 to 6 weeks to list web pages in the search page.

Proper way to submit Webpages

Write a 300 word article about something related to your website.Submit that article to  or (both sites have excellent PageRank).Make sure when you fill out the about the author box you link back to your site.For good results, submit one article to, and another entirely different article to and this will avoid duplication of artciles Read more details from 

 SEO techniques

Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Google Adwords

This is an interesting article regarding dynamic keyword insertion in your Google Adwords advertisement.

When we deploy Dynamic Keyword Insertion, every time someone types in the exact search term you are targeting, your advertisement would include those keyword – in bold – on your advertisement.

With effective php coding and htaccess along with some modification in your Adword unit, you can increase your traffic through Adword program.

More details on Google Adwords Dynamic Keyword Insertion click here

Dynamic keyword insertion in AdWords URLs for higher click throughs 

 Search Engine Optimisation techniques

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