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Link Exchange or Web Ring

A webring in general is a collection of websites from around the Internet

joined together in a circular structure. When used to improve search engine rankings,

webrings can be considered a search engine optimization technique.

To be a part of the webring, each site has a common navigation bar; it contains

links to the previous and next site. By clicking next (or previous) repeatedly,

the surfer will eventually reach the site they started at; this is the origin of the

term webring. However, the click-through route around the ring is usually

supplemented by a central site with links to all member-sites; this prevents the

ring from breaking completely if a member site goes offline.

A link exchange (also known as a banner exchange) is a confederation of
websites that operates similarly to a web ring.Webmasters register their web

sites with a central organization, that runs the exchange, and in turn receive from

the exchange HTML code which they insert into their web pages. In contrast to a web ring,

where the HTML code simply comprises simple circular ring navigation hyperlinks,

in a link exchange the HTML code causes the display of banner advertisements, for

the sites of other members of the exchange, on the member web sites, and webmasters

have to create such banner advertisements for their own web sites.

Link exchanges have advantages and disadvantages from the point of view of

those using the World Wide Web for marketing. On the one hand, they have the

advantages of bringing in a highly targeted readership (for link exchanges where

all members of the exchange have similar web sites), of increasing the "link popularity"

of a site with Web search engines, and of being relatively stable methods of

hyperlinking. On the other hand, they have the disadvantages of potentially distracting

visitors away to other sites before they have fully explored the site that

the original link was on.

Paid Submissions

Sites pay a certain amount to have a directory editor

look at their pages and evaluate them within a certain time period. Since

the backlog at some directories is 4-5 months or more, this can be a

good deal. However, the directory doesn't guarantee that your site

will get listed - only evaluated.

Paid Placements

Used first by GoTo (now called Overture). Sites can purchase either

a top rank or prominent listing for particular search terms. The listing

may or may not be identified as a paid advertisement. Some search engines

and directories charge a flat fee while GoTo/Overture uses a pay per click system.

Paid Inclusions

Search engines guarantee to list pages from your Web site in their

database and re-spider them on a regular basis, usually at least once

per week. Unlike paid placement, you aren't guaranteed a particular

place in the search rankings.

URL Rewriting for Webservers other than Apache

For using php with IIS a seperate installation of a web product is needed.

ISAPI_Rewrite is a powerful URL manipulation engine based on regular

expressions. It acts mostly like Apache's mod_Rewrite, but is designed

specifically for Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS).

ISAPI_Rewrite is an ISAPI filter written in pure C/C++ so it is

extremely fast. ISAPI_Rewrite gives you the freedom to go beyond the

standard URL schemes and develop your own scheme.

Read More about the product ISAPI_Rewrite

For dotNet programming we use web.config file

So, a sample configuration section within web.config can go like this:


<rule source="(\d+)/(\d+)/(\d+)/"
<rule source="(.*)/Default.aspx"

Read more on URL Rewrite in dotNet


SEO friendly URLs  

URL Rewrite in dotNet  
ISAPI_Rewrite : SEO in IIS  


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