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Date functions


This function accepts the date in d/m/Y format
It can add days ,months and years to the supplied date
It will return future date in user supplied format.
It generates the time stamp of future date and formats it and returns.
If the supplied date is not in d/m/Y format then function will return nothing.

function addDate($inputDate,$days2Add=0,$months2Add=0,
//assuming supplied date in d/m/Y change it to m/d/Y
if( checkdate($arrDate[1],$arrDate[0],$arrDate[2]) ){
//if date is valid then return future date else return null
$id = strtotime($reformedDate);
//preserve time
$futuredate= date($outputDateFormat, mktime(date('h',$id), date('i',$id), date('s',$id), date('m',$id)+$months2Add, date('d',$id)+$days2Add, date('Y',$id)+$years2Add));
return $futuredate;

echo( "Future Date: ".addDate($dt ,$d ,$m ,$y ,$df) );
echo( "Future Date: ".addDate("20/12/2010" ,30 ,1 ,2 ,"Y-m-d H:i:s") );
Output : Future Date: 19/02/2013 12:00:00



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