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Javascript JS function to break a URL into its components or parts

Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to break or split a given URL into various parts like Host, protocol, relative path, end file , directories etc?

A simple JS function is given below which uses window.location object to retrive parts of a url into an array.

function break_uri(){
var arr_uri = new Array();
arr_uri["FULL"] = window.location.href;
arr_uri["PROTOCOL"] = window.location.protocol;
arr_uri["HOST"] = window.location.host;
arr_uri["PATH_NAME"] = window.location.pathname;
var n = window.location.pathname.lastIndexOf('/');
var end_file=window.location.pathname.substr(n);
arr_uri["END_FILE"] = end_file;
return arr_uri;

How to use the above function?
var arr = break_uri();;
alert( "Absolute Url : " + arr["FULL"]);
alert( "Protocol : " + arr["PROTOCOL"]);
alert( "Host : " + arr["HOST"]);
alert( "Relative path : " + arr["PATH_NAME"]);
alert( "End File : " + arr["END_FILE"]);

If you want to break up path name to give the directory levels

var pathArray = window.location.pathname.split( '/' );

to loop through path array:

for ( i = 0; i < pathArray.length; i++ ) {
document.write( pathArray[i]);

If you prefer an advanced function , you can try parseUri script by Steven Levithan from stevenlevithan.com

// parseUri 1.2.2
// (c) Steven Levithan <stevenlevithan.com>
// MIT License

function parseUri (str) {
var o = parseUri.options,
m = o.parser[o.strictMode ? "strict" : "loose"].exec(str),
uri = {},
i = 14;

while (i--) uri[o.key[i]] = m[i] || "";

uri[o.q.name] = {};
uri[o.key[12]].replace(o.q.parser, function ($0, $1, $2) {
if ($1) uri[o.q.name][$1] = $2;

return uri;

parseUri.options = {
strictMode: false,
key: ["source","protocol","authority","userInfo","user","password","host","port","relative","path","directory","file","query","anchor"],
q: {
name: "queryKey",
parser: /(?:^|&)([^&=]*)=?([^&]*)/g
parser: {
strict: /^(?:([^:\/?#]+):)?(?:\/\/((?:(([^:@]*)(?::([^:@]*))?)?@)?([^:\/?#]*)(?::(\d*))?))?((((?:[^?#\/]*\/)*)([^?#]*))(?:\?([^#]*))?(?:#(.*))?)/,
loose: /^(?:(?![^:@]+:[^:@\/]*@)([^:\/?#.]+):)?(?:\/\/)?((?:(([^:@]*)(?::([^:@]*))?)?@)?([^:\/?#]*)(?::(\d*))?)(((\/(?:[^?#](?![^?#\/]*\.[^?#\/.]+(?:[?#]|$)))*\/?)?([^?#\/]*))(?:\?([^#]*))?(?:#(.*))?)/

How to use the function?
var obj_url = parseUri("http://usr:pwd@www.test.com:81/dir/dir.2/index.htm?q1=0&&test1&test2=value#top");

How to parse the object?
// parsing the result object

for (var prop in obj_url) {
// important check that this is objects own property
// not from prototype prop inherited
document.write(prop + " = " + obj_url[prop]+"<br/>");

Result looks like this

query = q1=0&&test1&test2=value
file = index.htm
directory = /dir/dir.2/
path = /dir/dir.2/index.htm
relative = /dir/dir.2/index.htm?q1=0&&test1&test2=value#top
port = 81
host = www.test.com
password = pwd
user = usr
userInfo = usr:pwd
authority = usr:pwd@www.test.com:81
protocol = http
source = http://usr:pwd@www.test.com:81/dir/dir.2/index.htm?q1=0&&test1&test2=value#top
queryKey = [object Object]

queryKey should be looped again for specify query string parameters

You can find the explanation and updated version of parseUri script at:
Demo : http://stevenlevithan.com/demo/parseuri/js/

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