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Beware of Facebook Share To Watch Video scams

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

FB Share To Watch Video Scam 

Recently on Facebook a new type of scam has become common. It's the Share To Watch Video posts that appears on your time line. When you click on the  video image in the post, then an intermediate  window will appear, which forces the user to share the video / post before watching it.

When users share, then it will be asking the user to fill some sort of questionnaires or participate in surveys or even shows some  faked videos. Some posts may lead to some spam sites which asks you to download  and install some softwares. This may affect you computer as well.

The news is true, but the video image shown in the FB post, on clicking will lead to spam web pages

A "breaking news" message that features an image depicting a passenger jet crashed into a traffic bridge includes a link that supposedly opens a video with more on the disaster. It is a  video survey scam The image does not depict a real plane crash. It is an artwork.

"97 Percent Of Peopel Can’t Watch This Video For More Than 10 Seconds" is another force click spam, which asks users to share the video for watching it. Dont click on it or share it.

Security measures:
Please be sure that an efficient antivirus program is running in your machine
Update your browsers to the latest version
New download and install browser plugins from unreliable website sources
More tips for staying safe while using Internet

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