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How to redirect old blogger blog links to new web address - Blogger Tips

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to automatically redirect old blogger blogspot links to new blogger web address - Blogger Tips

This topic helps you to know how to redirect from your-old-blog-address.blogspot.com to your-new-blog-address.blogspot.com so that the visitors who comes through the search engines or backlinks to old blog can view the content on new blog.

Recently I had changed my old blogger website php-techi.blogspot.com to techqube.blogspot.com and this caused a significant cut in traffic to the new site. Since all the pages from my old site were indexed by google, changing to the new address had caused a great decline in the traffic and I dont want to lose the visitors. I checked for any sort of option that blogger provides to redirect it automatically to new address, but could not find any. but there are options to redirect to pages with in a blog.

After some research I could find the following conclusions.

Please note : I am explaining based on the above mentioned old and new blog addresses that are php-techi.blogspot.com and  techqube.blogspot.com respectively

When we rename a blog, when a user tries your old link, then he will be getting a "Blog doesn't Exists, but not available for registering" message. that means, the owner of the old blog can use the same  blog address for any of his blogs or create a new one with the same name.

So what I did was creating a clone of new blog, gave the blog the old address

To clone new site you have to download the new blog (techqube.blogspot.com) in xml format by using the export option ( techqube.blogspot.com >> Settings >> Other >> Export Blog)

Create a new blog with old blog address (php-techi.blogspot.com) and upload(import) the blog data in xml format from the above step to the blog using import option ( php-techi.blogspot.com >> Settings >> Other >> Import Blog)

Now here a clone site (php-techi.blogspot.com) is created from new site ( techqube.blogspot.com )

Next step is to remove the comment option in clone site, for that go to the Layout option of php-techi.blogspot.com edit the Data block and disable the comment section.

Next is to edit the Template HTML. for this go to php-techi.blogspot.com >> Template >> Edit HTML
then add following codes with in the <head> ...... </head> block

the following script redirect the old blogger web url path to new path

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="4;URL=http://techqube.blogspot.com/" />

var pagelink="";
var myurl=document.URL;
var firstslashIndex = myurl.indexOf("/");

if( firstslashIndex > 0 ){
var firstcharloc= firstslashIndex + 1;
var pagelink= myurl.slice(firstcharloc,myurl.len);

the above given JS script does the following:

1. remove the protocol part from the string
2. find first occurence of "/"
3. Add 1 to the first occurence position that we get in the above step
4. get the substring of the absolute url starting from the position given from the above step till the end of the string

the above steps are implemented in simple JS code snippet

After adding the codes, Click on "Save Template"

Now try any of the old blog links, it will be redirected to your new blog.

Please note : change "http://techqube.blogspot.com" in the script with your new address.

From my example site, here you can see the effect

try to access following url : http://php-techi.blogspot.com/2013_08_01_archive.html
this will be redirected to my new blog address

hope this helps :) Please post you comments and suggestions.‎

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