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PHP Session is not working for my website - How to fix?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I had a website which uses a login page for registered users. It uses the $_SESSION variable for string the current session values after a user succesfully logins. This was working fine, but on a sudden it stopped working. When the user submit login info, it doesnt give an invalid user message or any other warnings ,but return back to login page.

Some of you guys ,might have gone through the above mentioned scenario while developing / managing your website. The possible reasons are mentioned below.

#1 : Failed to call session_start() function at the top of the page

This is common error which happens at the begining stages of coding. Always call session_start() before using a $_SESSION variable in your code.


Read more about session_start()

#2: Session Save Path changed due to change in PHP configuration file php.ini

Another reason for sessions not working may be due to an updation in php.ini file which affected the path on which the Session files are stored on Server. This usually happens when you change your server or due to PHP updates on server.

session.save_path is a directive in php.ini file which specifies the path where the session files are created. If this is changes by some sort of updates then your session variables will not work.

You can find this "session.save_path" if you print your php config using phpinfo() function.

for more details , click on links SESSION.SAVE_PATH directive in PHP.INI and SESSION_SAVE_PATH()

#3: Disk usuage exceeded the allowed quote

The third reason for the session fail is NO SPACE ON SERVER. When a session is activated, the corresponding session files are written to the session save path on server. If there is no space on server, the session files will not be created and session won't work.

To fix this, you have check your disk storage in CPANEL and then delete older files in the server and release a considerable amount of space for session files.

For all session related functions in PHP, CLICK HERE.

Thanks, Hope this helps...:)

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