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Understanding Wordpress Db structure - Wordpress category - taxonomy issue

Friday, April 20, 2012

How to solve Wordpress category - taxonomy issue

There was some problems which happened when old wordpress table was integrated with the New wordpress Db, the Categories, tags and links were not displaying. When i googled for this there was some interesting posts, which can be referred to solve this issue. All the things you see  are taken from different sources.

Provided below are just links to the actual source. You can refer this to get an idea about this and solve the issue yourself.

Understanding Wordpress table structure

wp_terms : The categories for both posts and links and the tags for posts are found within the wp_terms table.

wp_term_relationships : Posts are associated with categories and tags from the wp_terms table and this association is maintained in the wp_term_relationships table. The association of links to their respective categories are also kept in this table. 

wp_term_taxonomy: This table describes the taxonomy (category, link, or tag) for the entries in the wp_terms table.

Read about WordPress wp_term, wp_term_relationship, wp_term_Taxonomy

Wordpress DB relation ship diagram

 A Basic Explanation of WordPress Taxonomies
 WordPress comes with 3 taxonomies, post tag, categories, link categories.

 Post Tag: acts like a label, attached to a post.

 Category: acts like a “bucket” in which we put  posts, are often hierarchical. Posts can live in multiple categories.

 Link Category: acts like a label, attached to a  link.

 Each tag or category you create is a “term” within that taxonomy. For  example, if you create a category “Movies” (in our site about  entertainment), “Movies” becomes a term within the category  taxonomy. Read More

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Understanding Wordpress Db structure - Wordpress category - taxonomy issue.

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