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How to take screen shot of a website using PHP - Scripts and services to create website thumbnails

Friday, March 16, 2012

How to create website thumbnails using PHP

Website Thumbnails (also known as PagePix, thumbshots, snapshots, or previews) are screenshots of web pages that can help you quickly and easily recognize and identify certain websites. Web page previews display the exact site you would see before you click on a link.

few solutions solution for this :-

Use of imagegrabwindow function in php. This Grabs a window or its client area using a windows handle (HWND property in COM instance) This function is only available on Windows server.
Check the use of function from php.net


This free php script used to create website thumbnails for your needs, or start your own website thumbnail generation service.

Download IECapt from http://iecapt.sourceforge.net or click download IECapt. Place it in some folder on your server.
Download Website Thumbnail Generator using link below, and unzip it to the same folder.
Update webthumb.php with your settings for thumbnails folder, cache time, default thumbnail size, etc.


It will run on windows hosted server

Use of PHP Class: Get screenshot (thumbnail) of any website
This php class will get a screen shot of any website you want. It uses 3 webshotting services so if anyone of them is unavailable you can still get an image. The only problem is that every of the webshotting services returns images in different resolutions, so you should grab the image, resize it to one, standard size and then display/save. For resizing you can use imagecopyresampled function.

Download script


You can use WEBSNAPR

websnapr lets you capture screenshots of (almost) any web page. Allow your visitors to instantly visualize any web page before clicking. Increase site traffic, click-through rate and site stickiness.

 Websnapr provides free and premium service 

How to use?

      $web_shot = "http://images.websnapr.com/?size=s&url=$url";
      echo "<img alt="\"Screen" height="\"152\"" of="" shot="" src="%5C%22$web_shot%5C%22" website.\="" width="\"202\"" />";
Check for more details about using Websnapr service


Another service that i came across was ThumbnailsPro (TNP), Its is a one step process to generate and display website thumbnails to your web visitors. TNP puts you in conrol of the quality, size, dimensions and other elements of your thumbnail images easily.

You may register for their free service, but it have some usuage limit. They have basic and business pakages with a feasible usage fee. They are charging as rate for 1000 hits. Check their rate chart.

More info on thumbnailspro.com

Please check http://www.thumbalizr.com/premiumservices.php for more details on new parameters for API usage.
Signing up for the basic API-key is free. Additionally, you'll get some more features for online thumbnailing.

Simple syntax to use the API:

Check http://api.thumbalizr.com for more details.

This website seems to provide similar function, I had not tried this...you may check this from snap.com.

ShrinkTheWeb is the most powerful, FREE website thumbnail provider Help


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