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Tips to improve the page loading time of a website.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Pages which load slow in the machine will definitely break site users patience. So building a fast loading website has become an art for talented web developers.

By taking care of some some things while your development can improve the loading time of your website.

Tips to improve the page loading time of a website.

Below are some basic things you have to consider while developing HTML:

  1. W3C validation
  2. Try to load only one js file and one css file
  3. Compress css and JS file
  4. Try to avoid including of js files inside the body part
  5. Avoid complex nesting of tables
  6. Try to follow div layout ( avoid tables )
  7. Reduce the size of html files ( the one which we will see in view source )
  8. Use CSS sprites
  9. Reduce the number of requests send to the server to load DOM items
  10. Reduce image quality to a medium level, do not use HD videos or Multiple HQ images to load in same page

Things you have to consider while developing Server Side :

  1. Try to reduce the number of database queries.
  2. Analyse the flow of a particular page. Identify which data needed to be taken from the DB. Try for the possibility of writing a single join query to retrieve all the data. If it is no way possible then create multiple queries.
  3. Optimize database
  4. Increase the usage of SQL Views ( If a page with complex join query have frequent hits on it, convert it to view )
  5. Try SQL Caching
  6. Enable content caching through your server side script
  7. If you have multiple unavoidable imaged needed to be loaded, use CDN ( content delivery network ).
  8. Make sure you are DRY in code ( Do not Repeat Yourself )
  9. Try to follow a templating system ( small application) or framework ( medium – large application)
  10. Use Gzip Compression

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