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JSClasses - a new repository of JavaScript components

Friday, August 27, 2010

JSClasses - a new repository of JavaScript components - PHP Classes blog

JavaScript Cookbook (Oreilly Cookbooks)

The JSClasses site was finally launched. It is based on the PHPClasses site but with the focus of redistributing Object Oriented Programming components written in JavaScript.

The new site provides the same features as the PHPClasses site, except for a few that are not yet enabled but will be later. That includes the Professionals directory, Jobs section, Programming Innovation Award and Premium subscriptions.
Given the success of the PHPClasses site and the expected success of JSClasses, I am sure this is great news for all JavaScript developers and Web developers in general. Please help spreading the word, twit about this article or post in Facebook or your favorite social networks.
You may as well submit your own JavaScript classes to the new site. Keep in mind that JavaScript does not really have the concept of class. It uses objects that are instantiated like this:
object = new class_function();
And the "class" object is defined somewhat like this:
classFunction = Function()
 var somePrivateVariable = 'some_value'

 var somePrivateFunction = function(/* parameters */)
  /* some code */

 this.somePublicVariable = 'some_value'

 this.somePublicFunction = function(/* parameters */)

Spread the word to make it grow

The PHPClasses site only became popular thanks to the help of the users that have spread the word. The JSClasses site may became at least as popular as the PHPClasses and get many useful JavaScript components if you can help.
You can help for instance spreading the word. One way to do it easily is to go on the new site reading the JSClasses launch blog post and click on the buttons to vote on the article in Digg, DZone or share it using the links to recommend the page in Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Del.icio.us or just post it in your favorite social network.
The more you help spreading it, the sooner we start seeing many great JavaScript components from which you can benefit. Thank you in advance for sharing this.

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

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